Thursday, April 14, 2011

Online Banking : Merits and Demerits

Internet has become a substantial part of our lives, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that almost all reputable financial institutions offering Internet banking services to its variety holders. The more difficult is to the right choice to choose with.Users bank online banking for its ease and comfort. And while issues of identity theft are important factors to consider online banking has not stopped people from using the Web to simplify their finance.
The banking industry faces the challenge of designing a system that is user-friendly and secure. Take all available precautions to ensure their transactions are secure.

Merits of online banking banking never sleep. you can access you account 24hrs in all 365 days can use your account from anywhere whether you are in home place or out of can        
instantly checked your account by simply login the system banking provide you facility to transact quickly compare to ATM banking provide facility to pay your bill instantly such as tax payment due,electricity bill,mobile bill
and even you can avail securities transaction in a minutes

Now a days, most of the bank provide special facility to there customers to avail alert facility to check the
transaction,alert rates,stock quotes etc

Demerits of online banking

1.To avail the online banking facility without hassle free you must need to learned the system properly otherwise it create problem to make transaction clearly need to keep memorize your login password and make sure not to share anyone.
3.keep changing your password in regular or certain interval to avoid the hacking by others

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